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Jealousy & Insecurity

If we feel insecure and have low self-esteem we are more likely to feel jealous, whether this is within a relationship or just feeling jealous of what others have that we have not.  Either way jealousy can be a very destructive emotion and one that can have an extremely negative impact on us, our lives and those around us. You may often feel jealous of what other people have and feel that it is unfair that you do not have the same. You may worry about your partner cheating on you or you may feel jealous of your partner’s relationships with others. Your jealousy may influence your decisions and the way that you behave, or you may get into arguments with others because of your jealousy. You may feel insecure within yourself as if others have more to offer than you.

What is the treatment for Jealousy & Insecurity?

The first step is to talk to your Psychologist about the situations in which you feel jealous and what you do as a result of these feelings.  Your Psychologist will also ask you about how you feel about yourself and whether you are aware of feeling insecure or if you struggle to trust others to treat you well.  They will also ask you some more general questions about yourself, your life and your relationships and what you would like to achieve through your therapy. Your Psychologist will devise a treatment approach to help you to resolve your jealous feelings and any associated insecurities, this is likely to include some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques which will provide you with both practical and psychological ways of reducing the uncomfortable feelings and unhelpful behaviours that accompany jealousy and insecurity. Therapy will involve learning strategies to boost both your confidence and self-esteem which will protect you from a future relapse of your difficulties and ensure that your life and your relationship start to run more smoothly.

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