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Perfectionism is the relentless striving for extremely high standards (for yourself and/or others) that are personally demanding. Typically, to an outsider your standards are considered to be unreasonable. You may judge your self-worth based largely on your ability to strive for and achieve such unrelenting standards. You may be experiencing negative consequences of setting such demanding standards, yet continue togo for them despite the huge cost to you.

What is the treatment for perfectionism?

Your Psychologist will help you to identify the underlying reasons for your perfectionism, explore what keeps your perfectionism going and why it is so difficult to let go of your high standards, even when pursuit of these standards has negative consequences for you. Therapy will help you weigh up the costs and benefits of staying the same and the costs and benefits of changing your perfectionism.  You will examine the tendency to over-evaluate the importance of achieving your unrelenting standards and your Psychologist will offer you some strategies to create a more balanced life and a more balanced basis for judging your self-worth. The goal is not for you to give up your high standards altogether but to learn to pursue healthy high standards rather than unrelenting high standards that negatively impact your life.

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