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Working for Mollart CBT Ltd.

Mollart CBT Ltd. is looking for associate Clinical or Counselling Psychologists. We can offer clinical work that is varied and provides a challenging and rewarding opportunity for self-motivated and passionate therapists. Working hours are flexible and adapted to suit you to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable working environment.

Mollart CBT Ltd. can offer you:

  • Competitive rates of pay

  • Face to face and/or online therapy clients

  • Payment when work is completed, including DNAs and last minute cancellations (not when the company is paid)

  • Pre-booked clinic rooms in desirable locations

  • Collection and management of payments from clients

  • Complete marketing, PR and advertising service

  • Clinical director on standby for any risk management support

  • Screened suitable referrals and an appropriate clinical caseload that fits with your expertise, experience, preferred hours of work and as many referrals as you would like.

  • Working to your own therapeutic style. Using your professional training and focusing on what you believe is therapeutically best for your client in terms of treatment length, frequency and treatment modality.

  • Clients are booked in for you and T&Cs are agreed

  • Choosing your own clinical supervisor, enabling you to take control over your own professional development.

Your role and responsibility:

  • As a psychologist, you are solely responsible for your practice and management of your caseload and as a qualified and competent practitioner you control and operate your practice in the best interests of your clients. You remain accountable for your clients; you must be registered with the HCPC and practising within their guidelines and codes; in receipt of regular supervision, and appropriately insured.

  • To apply simply send an email to

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