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Faye Kinirons

Location: Online and Surbiton



Faye is an experienced psychotherapist specialising in delivering open-ended psychotherapy for both adults and adolescents. Working in an integrative relational way, Faye draws on Humanistic, Psychodynamic and existential ideas and practices. She has extensive experience working for almost 10 years across various mental health settings, including educational environments and private practice.  

Faye’s diverse experience includes working with people facing anxiety, low mood, stress, self-esteem issues, chronic physical health conditions, adolescents navigating the challenges of adolescence and individuals dealing with drug and alcohol misuse. She also has experience working with individuals wanting to address ‘personality disorders’ particularly EUPD, histrionic and avoidant as well as those struggling with OCD.  

Faye is committed to providing an open, safe, and non-judgemental space for exploration. In her therapeutic approach, she facilitates the development of self-awareness and deeper understanding of how individuals relate to themselves and others, working collaboratively with clients to explore the issues getting in the way of them living the life they wish to. Faye’s aim is to support people as they unravel and make sense of these obstacles and work towards a more fulfilling life.


Faye is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and therefore adheres to established standards of professional practice, Code of Ethics and requirements for continuing professional development.

Faye is due to complete her doctorate in Counselling Psychology in Spring 2024

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