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Family therapy

Family therapy sessions

Family therapy sessions can teach skills to deepen family connections, support each other and manage transitional stages of family development or stressful life events. Family therapy aims to helps members to talk about a specific issue or issues that they feel are having a negative impact on the family, and address relational or behavioural patterns and dynamics and thought processes that are causing problems within the family unit. The family therapist aims to help enhance communication, improve problem solving, develop deeper empathy for each other and reduce conflict within the family.

Family therapy is a well-recognised and researched approach with strong evidence of efficacy and effectiveness in a wide range of specific conditions. Common issues a family could benefit from therapy include physical or mental health problems, alcohol and other substance abuse, separation and divorce issues, LGBTQ issues, family life cycle and transitional stages of life issue, parenting difficulties and traumatic experiences, loss and bereavement. Family therapy can be useful in times of crisis as well as with longstanding problems.

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