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Dr Katherine Mollart

Location: Winchester and online


Dr Mollart is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Mollart CBT’s Clinical Director. She founded Mollart CBT Ltd in 2016. She has experience of working with individuals, couples, adults, older adults, and adolescents, within a wide range of private and NHS health care settings. She practiced in the NHS for 12 years and worked as the Deputy Clinical lead for a London Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) NHS service. As part of this work, she provided consultation, supervision and training to therapists and other healthcare professionals, including GPs and consultants.

She specializes in working with couples and is passionate about using schema focussed CBT to work with clients who struggle with interpersonal difficulties such as fear of abandonment, mistrust of others, social exclusion, and people pleasing behaviours. Schema therapy can also be useful for feelings of failure and perfectionism. 

In her NHS job she specialised in supporting people who have long-term physical health problems such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue and diabetes.

Dr Mollart wrote her doctoral thesis on adolescents’ experiences of going to boarding school and has an interest in the impact of boarding school on psychological wellbeing. 

As a mother of two young children, she also has an interest in working with clients adjusting to parenthood.


Dr Mollart holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Oxford University.

Dr Mollart is a registered Practitioner Psychologist with The Health Care Professional Council (HCPC), which monitors and regulates the practice of Clinical Psychologists.

She is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with The British Psychological Society (BPS). The BPS is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK. Practicing certificates are only issued to Chartered Psychologists, which is the benchmark of professional recognition for a psychologist. It reflects the highest standards of knowledge and expertise.

She is an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).  The BABCP is the lead organisation for the theory, practice and development of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in the UK. BABCP Accreditation is the “Gold Standard” that every CBT Psychotherapist is striving to achieve. To achieve accreditation with the BABCP demonstrates that the therapist has met the criteria outlined in their core profession, qualifications and clinical experience.


"Katherine is a really excellent psychologist and I would highly recommend her,  she  is very easy to talk to, supportive and kind. During out sessions, Katherine has helped me to understand how I can make the changes which enable me to feel much better and more relaxed, she  has made a real difference to my life."

“I would truly recommend Dr. Katherine Mollart to anyone. Since working with her my life has changed significantly, and I’ve finally been able to begin to leave behind unhealthy behaviour I’ve struggled with since my teenage years. She has not only helped me tackle these behaviours head on but really understand and unpack why I’ve adopted them – leading to big changes.”

“I would suggest that anyone who is struggling with their mental health goes to Mollart CBT, it feels like a collaborative effort where you are genuinely cared about like an equal – not just a patient.”

“Katherine helped me work through many difficult emotions and provided me with tools I will use for life. She taught me how to communicate effectively, the influence of the past on the present and most of all helped me to understand myself and build my confidence. I always felt she provided a reliable genuine space where I was heard and understood without judgement. She really empathizes with what you are going through and provides insightful knowledgeable feedback.

My sessions with Katherine have been invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Katherine is very professional and supportive. She helped me to understand the deep roots of my problems. The flexible schedule of sessions during the lockdown was very convenient. I would like especially to mention her systematic approach to problems. I would highly recommend Katherine.”

"Katherine is the best therapist I have worked with. The fact that I say “worked with” captures the essence of why Katherine stands out from the rest. I had been in and out of ineffective therapy for over 10 years, before I found Katherine. Working with her has marked a turning point. Katherine’s hands-on approach with practical exercises and homework have been a game changer and highly effective for me. She has a rare and powerful combination of clinical professionalism and compassionate empathy. Altogether, Katherine has enabled me to discover new depths of insight and reach new heights of self-mastery. I came to Katherine at one of my lowest points – a nervous breakdown that had resulted from a crescendo of lifelong anxiety, OCD and depression. I felt like I was at ‘rock bottom’. But working with Katherine, for the first time ever, I actually felt empowered and learnt how to sustainably self-manage my issues. We have worked together effectively, both face-to-face when I’ve been in the UK and through FaceTime when I’ve been living abroad. If you are fed up of feeling stuck and are serious about doing the work required to make a breakthrough, Katherine will get you there and work with you every step of the way.”

“Definitely the best psychologist I’ve ever had. She’s incredibly intelligent, insightful, and kind. She treats you as her equal rather than a patient or client. It’s also the most hands on work I’ve ever done. She’s genuinely invested and makes sure you actually do the work and follow through. I’ve really gained so much during my time with her and would recommend her to anyone.”

“The sessions I’ve had with Katherine have been a really big help to me. She’s provided really valuable insight and useful, practical ideas for me to apply to my situation. The sessions are always very relaxed and friendly and have given me a lot of useful tools going forward.”

“After decades of therapy for severe depression, OCD and a personality disorder, I’ve come to expect less and less  from the process and therapists. Dr Mollart turned my view of both upside down, moving me in a very short period from one of the lowest points of my life to a relatively high one. This is all the more impressive because Dr. Mollart had treated me whilst I was undergoing severe external challenges – my physical health deteriorated suddenly mid-way through therapy, then I experienced a breakup and was facing professional challenges besides. To think that during this time my suicidal thoughts actually DECLINED, and my overall mood and wellbeing improved, is almost unbelievable to me. Though she would like me to credit myself more for the progress, I largely have Dr. Mollart to thank. Her practice has given me skills, insights and a support framework I have not dared hope for after years of failed efforts with therapy.  

How does she do this? First, the good doctor is among the most compassionate and insightful people I’ve met, instantly sussing out emotional layers and responding as if she had just experienced those emotions herself. Add to this the most diverse set of therapy strategies I’ve ever encountered in a single therapist, and you end up getting the comfort of talking to a good friend combined with the learning that comes from being coached by an expert. In 4 short months, she has taught me how to be more compassionate towards my vulnerable side, and more decisive against my inner punisher. She has given me imagery work for anxiety, boosted my self-esteem by pointing out inner strength I’ve forgotten existed, and given me creative assignments to locate meaning when life seemed empty all of the sudden. Her resourcefulness continues to amaze me, as she seems unstumped by the host of mental challenges I pose to her on a weekly basis, and yet manages to create a safe space for my emotions all the while. 

I could not recommend Dr. Mollart more highly. I’ve had a good, many therapists and psychiatrists treat me over the years, and none has had nearly the impact she has, nor impressed me professionally as much. You could do a lot worse for a therapist, but I strongly doubt you could do better.”

“Katherine’s approach to therapy is incredible. It is genuine, relaxed and truthful, which makes for a perfect and comfortable environment to genuinely learn ways in which to cope with any struggle.”

‘’Before I started sessions with Katherine I felt low most of the time. I also lacked a lot of confidence and was nervous about my aspects of myself. Due to this and severe dyslexia I had found it hard to make friends at college and university.

 Sessions with Katherine gave me the space to talk and think widely. I was able to discuss ways of thinking, and Katherine would offer alternative ways I could think to give me different perspectives on situations. This enabled me to transform how something may have appeared badly to me to other views that may have been more accurate. Katherine also helped me not to over-think situations. The effect was to help me to relax and feel more at ease in different situations.

 As a result of our discussions, I also made some practical changes that reduced the overloading of commitments in my life and gave me the freedom of more time.

Now if issues occur, I remind myself of the ways of thinking we discussed so I can reconsider a situation and how I am viewing it. I realise I have also changed my patterns of thinking so I have fewer negative thoughts. As a result I am generally a lot happier, less stressed and more able to deal with challenges’’

‘’Katherine immediately made me feel at ease in a process that was unfamiliar and daunting. She was great at explaining what I was experiencing and I felt 100% confident in her advice and explanations/theorising. Her support throughout my therapy was faultless, she was always encouraging and I left every session feeling better and with a secure plan for the following days until our next appointment.

The therapy itself made sense to me and from the beginning I could see that effects. I was relieved by the theory and science behind it, the information on that was helpful to understand and made me believe in the process. I struggle with the self-directive element of exposure therapy and some days found it hard to motivate myself to do the work. However Katherine remained encouraging and when I put my mind to it, it was/is possible!

If I was unsure of something (a technique or idea), Katherine always found a way of explaining it in a form I could relate to. When my therapy drew to a natural close, she was clear about what steps to take if I felt a “relapse” coming on and said she was happy for me to see her again if I needed. I think Katherine was the perfect person to help me, the right mix of friendly and professional, I am grateful and would recommend her to anyone seeking therapy’’

‘’I would like to say I highly recommend Dr Katherine Mollart. I have worked with Katherine for the past two years where she has focused on a project based within General Practise.  I have seen amazing transformations of clients who have sought her support.  One lady whom I thought was quiet and retiring, when actually through Katherine’s support she found her voice, was able to change her whole outlook, become less isolated, more confident and able to say what she wanted.

I feel referring to Katherine was made easy as she was well liked by all our clients and she brought around such positive changes to peoples lives’’

“Dr Katherine Mollart is in my opinion one of the best psychologists out there. She has helped me immensely since I started going to her. Kathrine is very committed to her job, and is very up to date academically with different therapy methods old and new. She treats you with respect which is essential as you are going through a journey. Trust and respect are crucial in order to feel better.. I would highly recommend Mollart CBT Ltd. My health has improved significantly and that is thanks to Katherine.”

“At a point where I felt like I had lost my sense of self, no longer in control of my emotions or reactions, Dr Mollart helped me retrain my thought process and control my responses, which before 12 sessions with her felt impossible. With her guidance I have been able to transition comfortably back into uni and work with improved mental health and a positive outlook allowing me to carry on with the goals and aspirations that were put on a back bench when my health started to decline. She has also improved my relationships and perceptions of my family, friends and most importantly with myself.”

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