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Procrastination is a common part of human behaviour. Often people mistake procrastination for “laziness”.  In everyday language people use definitions like, “putting off”, “postponing”, “delaying”, “deferring”, and “leaving to the last minute”.  Procrastination is making a decision for no valid reason to delay or not complete a task or goal you’ve committed too, and instead doing something of lesser importance, despite there being negative consequences to not following through on the original task or goal. It is important to remember that everyone procrastinates.  However, problematic procrastination can be distinguished from more general procrastination, by how bad the negative consequences are of us not following through on things.

What is the treatment for Procrastination?

Your Psychologist will explore what you procrastinate about, how you procrastinate and common procrastination excuses you may use, and identify unhelpful rules and assumptions that underlie your procrastination Therapy will teach you how to motivate rather than criticise yourself when you procrastinate, andprovide you with some strategies for how you can address this problem.

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