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Can you prescribe medication?

If you require medication your therapist can refer and/or liaise with external agencies (e.g., psychiatrist, a private clinic, your GP) to ensure you have a specialist in medication management. Your therapist is trained in monitoring patients taking medication as an adjunct to therapy.

Can I speak to you in a crisis?

Mollart CBT Ltd. is not a crisis service. If you need urgent help please contact your GP for an emergency appointment or visit your nearest A&E service. Non-interventional emotional support is available 24/7 from

Will my therapy be confidential?

To meet standards set by The British Psychological Society and The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies and for insurance purposes, detailed records of your treatment will be kept. These records are confidential and will only be shared if there is a concern about your safety or the safety of others.

No details of your psychological therapy will be shared with your GP or appear on your medical records, unless there is a serious concern about your safety.  If you have any questions regarding this please so not hesitate to ask.

Do you offer therapy to young children?

Mollart CBT Ltd. offers a specialist service for adolescents and adults. Young children require a different set of skills and knowledge and we would recommend you contact a specialist children’s service.

Can I participate solo if my partner isn't on board with the challenge?

Yes - these are individual actions for each partner to take. It will be extra beneficial if you are both doing the daily activities, but you can certainly take the challenge solo and even then both of you should experience the benefit!

Does the price cover both of us?

The £30 allows you both to participate. You can nominate up to two email addresses to receive the daily prompts/activities, so your partner can participate directly too if they want.

What if we miss a day or two?

You get lifetime access to the Challenge. You can simply save the unread emails and open one whenever you and your partner are ready for the next day. We know life happens, but you should always come back to prioritizing each other when you can!

To start, just fill out this 10-second form:

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