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Whether you're navigating a difficult patch or simply want to prioritise more connection since having children...

The 30-Day Relationship Reset for Parents will help refocus you both on more loving actions and healthier communication, so you can emerge into a new and brighter phase of your relationship.

This course will be of benefit to parents with children of any age.


Life changes when a new baby is brought into a couple relationship. This applies whether it is your first child or your fifth (etc).


Having a baby with someone can make you love your partner in so many new ways, but it can also feel disorienting and it is common to feel like you can’t find yourself, your partner, or any semblance of the relationship you once knew (and happened to really like!). And it doesn't matter how old your "baby" is.


Life with kids can feel chaotic. Did you know that having a baby takes up an estimated extra 30 hours of our lives per week? From when you wake up until you go to bed, you are going pretty much non-stop balancing work, your children, your home etc.


It is understandable that you have little left to give to your partner and may have unknowingly (sometimes even knowingly) neglected your relationship.


Love is shown through our words and actions. Relationships need to be tended to and nurtured for them to survive, let alone thrive. If you don't, it's almost inevitable that you'll feel disconnected – perhaps like housemates, or colleagues whose jobs it is to parent your children together - and deep down, perhaps even unappreciated.


This course will help you find your way in the midst of parenting towards being a couple you can enjoy and love being. If you haven't been prioritising your relationship for a while now, it's okay - you can take steps to make positive changes.


Dr Mollart is an experienced clinical psychologist and a parent herself. She has used her 10 years’ experience as a couple’s therapist to write this course. She has seen that it’s the small, intentional, and consistent actions that make the biggest long term positive impact on relationships.

How It Works

Before you start the course, you will be sent a worksheet with Communication Tips. These are simple suggestions for how to better listen and share your thoughts and feelings with each other. These tips will make you more receptive and effective in your communication styles.

Every day for 30 days you’ll receive an email from me with 1 of these 2 activities, which will take 1 to 5 minutes to complete:

  1. A Love Gesture. This is a short, playful gesture that you make towards your partner. These fun and simple tasks are intended to make you both feel more connected, loved, and appreciated and will shake up your usual routine of just managing life’s mundane tasks together. The gestures encompass all 5 love languages: words, acts, quality time, gifts and physical touch.

  2. A Conversation Starter.  These poses thought-provoking questions that aim to develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of one another. No more generic exchanges about the kids and chores! These conversation starters will help you both get back to the level of emotional intimacy you had before children.

Sign up to this course for £45 - that’s just £1.50 a day! 
Smiling Family


1.  What if we barely have any alone time together?

These aren’t complex or time-consuming tasks that will take hours to complete. Designed for the busy and slightly overwhelmed parents, they’re quick but effective ways to show appreciation, express love, and show effort in strengthening the relationship. Each activity takes 1 to 5 minutes - unless you choose to spend longer on them!


2. Can I participate on my own if my partner isn't on board with the course?
Yes - these are individual actions for each partner to take. It will be extra beneficial if you are both doing the daily activities, but you can certainly take the course on your own and both of you should still experience the benefit!

3. Does the cost cover both of us?

The £45 allows you both to participate in the course. You can nominate up to two email addresses to receive the daily prompts/activities, so your partner can participate directly too if they want.


4. What if we miss a day or two?
You get lifetime access to the course. You can simply save the unread emails and open one whenever you and your partner are ready for the next day. We know life happens, but you should always return to prioritising each other when you can!

To start, just fill out this 10-second form. You will then receive an email on how to make payment. 

Do you want YOUR PARTNER to receive the daily prompts/activities (and have they agreed to this)?

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